Former U.S. Attorneys in South Carolina

Brady Hair and Derk Van Raalte both served as Assistant United States Attorneys in the Charleston office of the District of South Carolina. While in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Brady Hair prosecuted one of the highest profile bank fraud cases in South Carolina’s history. His investigation led to the convictions of the bank president and several members of the board of directors. It was one of the first “straw” loan prosecutions in bank fraud cases.

Criminal Defense & Complex Civil Litigation in South Carolina’s Federal Courts

For over twenty years, we have defended criminal and complex civil cases in Federal court with an emphasis on White Collar Fraud. We have defended numerous defense contracting cases, environmental cases, bank fraud, and securities cases. We have represented clients investigated by all Federal Agencies including the FBI, Customs, DEA, BATF, Homeland Security, Secret Service, EPA, SEC and other Regulatory agencies. Our clients include major corporations, health care providers, hospitals, physicians, financial advisors, banks, defense contractors, and manufacturing companies, as well as executives.

South Carolina Attorneys for “Whistleblower” Claims

“Whistleblower” cases can be serious threats to the continued survival of South Carolina companies doing business with the Federal Government. Companies and their executives not only face potential criminal penalties and huge civil fines but also face losing their privilege to bill the Government for their services. Exclusion from the Medicare system is generally a “death penalty” for health care providers. Similarly, in the world of defense contracting, debarment can destroy a company.

Unfortunately, the rules that govern doing business with the Government are complicated. Companies and individuals engaged in such work need sound legal advice about what the rules require. Compliance programs reviewed by legal counsel are also an absolute necessity to avoid the cost and risks associated with a False Claims Act investigation. As former prosecutors, we have the unique experience you need to deal with the complexities of a whistleblower claim in South Carolina.

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Put Our Extensive Federal Justice Experience to Work for You

Our knowledge of “how” the Federal Government “works” is an essential asset to reaching a successful resolution. Our firm offers this knowledge coupled with personal attention to our clients. Your case is never referred to paralegals and you will not have to deal with secretaries when you call us. We limit the number of cases we handle so that we can focus our attention on attaining the very best result for you.