Mediation is no longer just a good idea, it’s mandated in almost every State and Federal case filed in South Carolina. Mediation offers both sides the opportunity to fairly resolve their claims without the expense and difficulty of a trial. It is also much faster. The civil justice system is overloaded and court cases can take years to resolve. The stress and expense can be very difficult for the parties. Mediation is often an excellent alternative. Most importantly, mediation gives the parties an opportunity to know the outcome of their case and agree to it. Juries can be very unpredictable and, in most cases, the outcome is “all or nothing”. Mediation can offer an opportunity for both sides to come out as “winners.”

South Carolina Certified Mediator Brady Hair

Brady Hair is a certified mediator and has been doing mediation work for over ten years. He enjoys and believes in the mediation process. He especially likes handling complex civil cases. His experience in handling complex cases as a trial lawyer helps him provide a good perspective to litigants who want to mediate.

Hair believes mediation is more than simply “passing numbers back and forth”. If both sides are willing to mediate, it can be a meaningful opportunity for each side to “tell their story.” The process offers both parties the opportunity to have a neutral person advise them on the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. Mediation can allow parties to compromise on issues and be “creative” with resolutions. Often, this means that in addition to money damages there are other concerns that can be addressed.