The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office has a very active criminal enforcement division. The Attorney General investigates a variety of fraud cases directly and through the statewide grand jury. Such investigations include matters related to Medicaid, securities, fraud, and DHEC environmental issues, among others. Hair and Van Raalte have experience dealing with these types of state investigations and they have defended numerous federal and state “White Collar” cases. They have represented many people investigated by federal agencies including the FBI, Customs, DEA, BATF, Homeland Security, Secret Service, EPA, SEC, SBA and other regulatory agencies. Clients have included individuals, major corporations of various types and their executives, health care providers of all kinds, financial advisors, bankers, defense contractors, and manufacturing companies and their executives.

Former Assistant United States Attorneys

Brady Hair and Derk Van Raalte both served as Assistant United States Attorneys in the Charleston office of the District of South Carolina. While in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Hair prosecuted one of the highest profile bank fraud cases in South Carolina History. His investigation led to the convictions of the bank president and several members of the board of directors. It was one of the first “straw” loan prosecutions in bank fraud cases. A three-week trial ended in the conviction of the bank president and a substantial prison sentence. Of course, Hair and Van Raalte also handled other cases while at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Any matter that involves the federal or state criminal justice system needs to be handled by lawyers who have actual experience and practice in these areas. Knowledge of “how” the criminal justice system “works” is often essential to a successful resolution. Having practiced as prosecutors and defense lawyers for decades, we know the people involved and have developed a reputation with prosecutors that we work hard for our clients. Our firm offers this knowledge, coupled with personal attention to our clients. Your case is never referred to paralegals and you won’t have to deal with secretaries when you call us. We limit the number of cases we handle so that we can focus our attention on attaining the very best result for you. We understand that your case is the most important case we have and you will be treated this way.