Hair and Van Raalte has extensive experience handling State and local/city government affairs. Brady Hair and Dirk Van Raalte have served as City Attorneys for the City of North Charleston for over twenty years. They both served as City Prosecutors and Hair served as Assistant City Administrator. In addition to defending the City of North Charleston against a variety of civil claims, the firm has represented other cities in a variety of cases. They have represented local governments, defending against zoning cases and other development related lawsuits. They have represented city governments in appeals from Zoning and Planning Boards through South Carolina’s Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and even had two cases in which review was sought in the United States Supreme Court. In addition to representing local governments, Hair and Van Raalte sometimes represent individuals in cases against local governments. They have helped real estate developers with zoning issues, handled permitting issues, planning issues, and other city business related matters.

Defense of High-Profile Government Cases

Our firm has defended several “high-profile” government related cases. Most recently the firm assisted the City of North Charleston in handling the potential civil claims related to the shooting of Walter Scott, a case that drew worldwide attention. The potential claims were resolved fairly and without any serious civil “unrest” related to the incident. This occurred during a time of much controversy and violence associated with Police shooting cases.

Representation at Trial or on Appeal

Hair and Van Raalte have litigated government cases at board and trial levels and/or appeal. These matters have involved zoning, tax matters, Freedom of Information Act challenges, business license matters, and annexation cases. We have also litigated directly against the State of South Carolina, the Attorney General’s Office, and other state entities.

Oftentimes, individual clients or developers simply need help navigating through a local government’s processes. We are well-positioned, through many years of experience, to help clients achieve their goals of working with local government.